Beloved Community gathers each Sunday at noon:

hymns, blues, silence, reflection, Eucharist

followed by soup & bread for all

Gathering at Mayflower UCC, 3001 S. Acoma St., Englewood, CO 80110


Beloved Community se reúne cada domingo al mediodía:



Encuentro en Mayflower UCC, 3001 S. Acoma St., Englewood, CO 80110

(Hablamos un poco de español en nuestro servicio y vida juntos. Bienvenidos!)



We are an intentional and inclusive faith community gathered of all peoples,

all colors, sexualities, and experiences as we walk in the love of Christ.

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Somos una comunidad de fe intencional e inclusiva, reunida de todos los pueblos,

todos los colores, sexualidades y experiencias, mientras caminamos en el amor de Cristo.


May these gifts of joyful sharing and generosity create a community full of love and actions for Christ's peace here and in all the earth.



A season of strong steps toward multi-culturalism

Rebeca Gonzales and Fernando Ventura will be working among us once again in our church community, in our Mennonite conference, and in our denomination. They are amazing, joyful leaders. We'll be working the Spanish-English connection! We'll be seeking to overcome false borders in favor of strong, loving definitions and actions.

Sunday’s gathering

10:30 - Learning how to take steps to dismantle the death penalty in Colorado, with Greta Lindecrantz, who was jailed for her refusal to cooperate with death penalty prosecution. In the Pine Room (basement) - walk in to the basement, Mayflower UCC will be worshipping upstairs.

Noon - We will gather for song, prayer, reflection, followed by soup and bread for all. This will be our first service with our dear friends and Mennonite pastors from Mexico City - Fernando Perez Ventura and Rebeca Gonzales Torres. How wonderful to be able to walk with them as we consider how to deepen and strengthen our gathering as a multi-cultural community.



Most recent pastor’s note

Pastor’s note 9-14–18

When I go for a bike ride for exercise, my route begins by turning right out of our cul-de-sac onto South Gallup Street. Then I turn right on to Caley Avenue, and bike to Broadway. The last three blocks headed east on Caley Avenue are increasingly uphill, until at the very end, it’s a push to get up there. I ride a single-speed bike, and when the sun is out and I’m on the rise of that hill, I have a very instant warm-up!

Then I usually have to wait for the light to change, the “walk” sign to illuminate, and then I’m able to cross Broadway, where I meet the Highline Canal trail. And here, there’s always a moment I love. The trail is shaded by giant cottonwoods. It’s almost level. And so I have a great moment, right as I hit the trail, of “shade acceleration.”

Shade acceleration is a moment when it feels easy, good, natural, to really push the pedals. It’s not to hot and the trail is flat. The road simply opens before me. Suddenly I’m zipping along, far from the feel of that hot uphill approaching Broadway.

Do you have “shade acceleration” moments in your life? Are there times when you notice that you have the capacity to really move? Ted Haggard once told me that he looks for times of “divine flow.” Shade acceleration is a way of describing divine flow, a moment when it just feels right to get going.

I think we are in a moment of such divine flow with the movement to restore our national character and sense of decency and community but once again abolishing the despicable death penalty and definitely transforming the life-destroying horrors of mass incarceration. Some mighty souls have entered the flow. Michelle Alexander and Bryan Stevenson, with their landmark writing, have given us a perspective and a story that overcomes apathy and fear.

Where are you noticing “divine flow” or “shade acceleration” in our communities and nation? How may we move with this wonderful Godly flow?

Much love,

Pastor Vern


This church has lots of young people and also under-used grandparents! But very few children. Come help grow our children and youth program - a curriculum for "peace allies" is under development. But if you need family, baby-sitters, relationship connections, that's all ready right now. Come see what you think. It is a lovely, small, trust-worthy, joyful congregation!  :-)




Upcoming Events & Actions

~Thursday Circle (on summer break through August) - You are warmly invited to the this weekly expression of "Circle of Trust" practice, on the south side of the metro area. Email pastor Vern for more information -

~Thursday Catholic Worker prayers at the home of Cole and Kaylanne Chandler. Optional meal at 6:30, followed by prayers at 7:30. -

~Pastor Vern is bringing lunch and a Courage & Renewal-based reading to the Beloved Community Village each Thursday at 11:30. If you'd like to join in the visit, provide food at the Village, or make food for Vern to pick up, let him know -


Mennonite Central Committee, the relief and development arm of our Mennonite denomination, is offering a learning tour to Guatemala and Honduras this fall focusing on issues of migration:
Join MCC on a Learning Tour to Explore the Root Causes of Migration in Guatemala and Honduras, November 7-17. Guatemala and Honduras, are countries from which the US, and increasingly Mexico, are receiving the majority of its immigrants. Honduras and Guatemala are both within the top 10 most violent countries in the world, plagued by gang presence, political corruption, and lack of economic opportunity that permit the realities to exist that drive people from their homeland. MCC seeks to educate and expose Learning Tour participants to the realities that many people face that result in migration, internally and to foreign countries. This Learning Tour will provide firsthand stories, opportunities to meet the people as well as the organizations that are walking with them, participate in the rich culture, and witness the efforts of Guatemalans and Hondurans who are striving for positive change in their communities. Throughout the course of the tour, we hope to explore various perspectives on the topic, learn about how our decisions impact migrants, plant the seeds for ongoing connections, and learn about practical ways to support and advocate for the people and communities that we encounter. Approximate cost will be $700 (plus airfare). For more information or to sign up for this trip please contact


Get into the community; our newsletter offers weekly connections:


New Tiny Home Village to be built!
The Colorado Village Collaborative is kicking off a funding campaign for the new village to be built near St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. For more information:

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  Greta Lindecrantz speaking

Greta Lindecrantz speaking

  Singing in front of the Arapahoe County Detention Center

Singing in front of the Arapahoe County Detention Center

  Tiny Home Village Blues celebration on Sunday, April 9   The Beloved Community Village is now open!(38th and Walnut in the north-west downtown)

Tiny Home Village Blues celebration on Sunday, April 9

The Beloved Community Village is now open!(38th and Walnut in the north-west downtown)

 Fernando Perez and Rebeca Gonzales, our dear friends and fellow travelers from Mexico City!

Fernando Perez and Rebeca Gonzales, our dear friends and fellow travelers from Mexico City!